SNPshot™ Sampler

On The Farm

The SNPshot™ Sampler is a clever piece of kit. It is fitted with both RFID and barcode readers capable of recording any type or brand of animal tag. It also records the GPS coordinates at the time of sampling – a handy verification and risk-management tool.

The SNPshot™ Sampler is “ruggedized” for on-farm use. It can handle the odd drop, dunking, dust storm, trip bouncing on the ute deck and heat inside the cab.

SNPshot™ Cartridges

“Cartridge” refers to the plastic casing and sample tube (pictured).

On The Farm

The cartridges are quick and easy to load into the SNPshot™ Sampler. Most users wear a simple two-part tool belt, with fresh cartridges on one side and used cartridges on the other.

Because you use a fresh cartridge for each animal, there is minimal scope for sample contamination. In fact, a SNPshot™-patented system ensures cross contamination between samples is impossible.

Astute users may notice the sample tube contains a buffer solution. This has two advantages: the sample tubes do not need to be refrigerated for shipping; and the solution extends the shelf life of the sample, buying you a couple of days’ leeway, should you need it.

In The Lab

The beauty of the SNPshot™ Cartridge is that it works with a standard laboratory tube. That means SNPshot™ sample tubes arriving at the DNA lab slot into ordinary lab equipment.

Furthermore, the tubes can be easily de-capped by automated means, improving efficiencies in the lab.

Because the system is digital from go to whoa, sampling data arrives at the lab in a standard format, minimising any issues around animal identification.

It is yet another example of the seamless flow of SNPshot™ sampling.

SNPshot™ Mobile App

On The Farm

Before you start sampling, download the SNPshot™ App onto your smartphone.

This easy-to-use App acts as your information storage “hard drive”, when you’re out in the field. At the end of each sampling session, you use bluetooth to transfer your sampling data (i.e. the cartridge QR code and associated animal ID) from the SNPshot™ Sampler to the SNPshot™ App on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re “out the back” with no cell reception – bluetooth works anywhere. Once transferred to the App, you can check your sampling data – if you wish to – before moving onto the next step.

When you have good cell phone coverage or internet connectivity, you can upload your sampling data to the cloud-based SNPshot™ Hub. All you do is open the SNPshot™ App on your smartphone and it will automatically sync to the Hub and upload the data.

SNPshot™ Hub

SNPshot™’s cloud-based Hub is exactly that. It’s the centre where farmers upload their sampling data to, and where labs download the sampling data from.

On The Farm

Once you’ve uploaded your sampling data from the SNPshot™ App to the Hub, you’re done.

FYI, at any time, you can access the status of your sampling data and review previous sampling sessions via the SNPshot™ Hub.

In The Lab

The lab downloads your data from the SNPshot™ Hub and sends you a notification.

The lab uploads any feedback to the Hub, via the SNPshot™ website. You will receive an email notification if there are any recording errors you need to address.