How it works

Accuracy is vital. That’s why SNPshot™ is a closed-loop digital system – SNPshot™ from go to whoa – with multiple verifications along the way.

On the Farm


The SNPshot™ Sampler reads each animal’s ear tag (both RFID or barcode) and links it to the QR code on the associated cartridge, as the tissue sample is taken.


After you’ve finished sampling for the day, use bluetooth to transfer the sampling data (i.e. the cartridge QR code and linked animal ID) to the SNPshot™ Mobile App on your smartphone. At this point, you “tick” which lab you want to share your data with.


After sampling, remove the sample tubes from the cartridges, then courier the tubes to your DNA lab. The tubes contain a buffer solution, so they don’t need to be refrigerated during shipping. The cartridge casings go in the recycling.


When you have cell phone coverage or an internet connection, open the SNPshot™ Mobile App on your smartphone to automatically sync and upload the sampling data to the cloud-based SNPshot™ Hub.


You’ll receive an email to say your sampling data has been successfully uploaded to the SNPshot™ Hub. Your part is done for now.

In the lab


The DNA lab also receives an email to say that your sampling data has been successfully uploaded to the SNPshot™ Hub.


A day or two later, the sample tubes arrive via courier. As soon as the first tube’s barcode or QR code is scanned at the lab, the farmer receives an email.


Via this first barcode/QR code, the lab links directly to your session’s sampling data within the SNPshot™ Hub.


The DNA lab now has all it needs to process your samples.


SNPshot’s job is done.